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The Nightfall Collection

Take a look at our exclusive new colour palette for March: the Nightfall Collection. 

Achieve your wildest interior dreams with these 3 captivating new colours and add a cool, moody touch to your home with tranquil blue, sweet purple and elegant navy. Create a cocooning atmosphere with regal jewel-tone Odyssey or pair rich yet delicate shades Wisteria and Hush with soft neutrals for a soothing vibe. 

Our 3 new shades


Taking its namesake from Homer’s epic voyage, this adventurous navy blue is reminiscent of oceanic depths and will create an intimate yet striking effect in any room. 


A calming mid-blue with a whisper of grey, Hush is serene and inviting yet still packs a punch, like the quiet before a storm. 


Named after the delicate purple flowers that hang from twining branches in late spring, Wisteria is a soft, blossoming lilac that will add a subtle charm to grey or neutral rooms. 

Why these colours?

After a demand for more cool tones in our collection, we designed a dreamy palette of regal navy, hazy blue and soft lilac. Discover the colour of your dreams with these delicate and relaxing new hues and create a layered atmosphere by pairing the dark and dramatic Odyssey with airy Wisteria or muted Hush. 

Dream teams

Inspired by the changing skies of twilight, our captivating new shades range from sunset purple and dusk blue to the moody depths of night. This gradient palette contains complementary colours that pair perfectly to create a sense of tranquil luxury.

Wisteria and Hush

Understated Hush is the perfect match for sweet lilac Wisteria, as the grounding, sophisticated mid-blue complements the playful pale purple. Combining cool colours is a great way of making smaller spaces seems larger and can add interest to crisp white furnishings or a predominantly grey scheme.

Hush and Odyssey

Layering varying shades of blue is perfect for creating a sleek contemporary look. The commanding, deep navy of Odyssey pairs beautifully with subtle mid-blue Hush to create a sense of harmony and depth, for a balanced, professional vibe.

Odyssey and Wisteria 

Pair timeless navy Odyssey with a pop of fun, refreshing lilac Wisteria for an unexpected yet striking pairing. The calm, cocooning dark of navy works perfectly with lilac, as the pink undertones add a subtle warmth, creating a sense of tranquillity and balance.


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