How to Paint a Radiator in Four Simple Steps

Want to make your radiators radiant? Rust-Oleum Radiator Paint is perfect for transforming your worn and tired radiator into a refreshing new feature.


With 110 stunning colours to choose from, easily upcycle your radiator into a colourful accessory, camouflage it effortlessly with your interior walls or simply give it a clean and contemporary update. Perfect for accenting your living room, kitchen, bathroom or home office.

Durable against everyday scuffs and scratches, the paint’s specialist formula is heat resistant up to 60°c and non-yellowing, to keep your radiators attractive and functional.


Looking to breathe new life into your radiator? Read on to discover how to paint a radiator with these 4 simple steps.

Step 1: mask and protect

First thing’s first, cover the wall and floor surrounding your radiator with a sheet in case of drips, then mask any valves or vents with tape.


Don’t forget, it’s important that your heating is turned off before painting radiators to prevent blistering.


Open the windows to ensure the room is well ventilated too.

Step 2: clean and dry

Next, give your radiator a good clean.


Vacuum then wipe with a slightly damp cloth to remove any remaining contaminants like dirt or dust.


Make sure the surface is dry before you start painting.

Step 3: degrease, sand, paint

Bare metal surfaces need to be primed with a suitable metal primer, whereas previously painted surfaces (or the factory finish) should be abraded and degreased.


Prepare your radiator by sanding to remove rust, lumps, old paint or anything that will interfere with the finish.


Then you’re ready to start painting.

Step 4: cover and finish

Easy to apply by brush or roller, ensure a nice even coat all over and follow the grooves of the radiator.

Take care not to overload your paintbrush for a nice smooth finish.

Use a smaller brush for the hard-to-reach places and you’re done!

And that's it!

Stand back and admire your hard work- a radiator that brilliantly complements or matches your wall.

Rust-Oleum Radiator Paint is available in 110 classic colours and flawless matt, satin and gloss finishes.


For the ultimate result, apply an extra coat of our Radiator Paint after allowing 4 hours to dry. 

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