How to paint furniture with a two-toned effect

Want to add a unique twist to pre-loved chairs? Create a striking two-tone effect with Rust-Oleum Furniture Paint for an eye-catching optical illusion. Read on and learn how to bring vintage furniture into the 21st century with a contemporary, dip-dyed look.

You will need:

·        Rust-Oleum Furniture Paint

·        Short handled paintbrush

·        Masking tape

·        Paint stirrer

·        Rust-Oleum Sugar Soap

·        Cloth

Step 1

A Windsor chair that is being polished with a soft cloth

Prepare your surface. Wipe over your chair with Rust-Oleum Sugar Soap and a cloth, ensuring it is clean and dry before painting. This is to remove any contaminants, such as dirt or dust, that could interfere with the paint adhesion.

Step 2

A Windsor chair with masking tape taped over the spindles

Next, mask off the areas of the chair where you want to apply your accent colour. We taped across the spindles of the chair roughly two thirds from the base of the seat.

Step 3

A picture of a wooden chair being painted blue with a short handled brush

All you have to do is paint! Using a short-handled brush, simply paint the entire chair below the masking tape, including the spindles and legs. The tape will provide a nice crisp line for a modern, asymmetrical look. We went for stunning cerulean blue Belgrave.

And that's it!

Stand back and admire your on-trend, two-toned furniture, that’s sure to be a playful addition to your home.

Looking to upcycle the whole dining set? Try experimenting with various colour combinations and textures. Rust-Oleum Furniture Paint is available in 100+ stunning colours and Chalky, Matt, Satin and Gloss finishes. Perfect for creating a Scandi beach look, modern colour block or high-end shine.

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