How to paint your exterior uPVC

Give your exterior features a contemporary refresh with Rust-Oleum uPVC Paint. Transform worn and weathered uPVC without the cost or upheaval of replacement.


Not only perfect for painting uPVC windows and doors, the extremely versatile formula will also breathe new life into gutters, drainpipes, fascia cladding and much more!  

If weathering and everyday stains has left your uPVC looking a little tired, follow these four simple steps on how to paint your gutter and drainpipes, or read on for tips on updating your fascia cladding.

Prepare any surface before painting 

From brushing and rolling, to perfect preparation, stock up on all the necessary tools and accessories for your next paint project. 

gutters and drainpipes

Step 1

Clear your drainpipe or guttering so that is free from dirt, leaves and surrounding debris before scrubbing clean with soap and water.


If painting a gutter, you can remove the bracket in order to fully coat the surface or loosen the screws to allow more room to paint. Make sure to remove any mould or mildew too.  

Step 2

Abrade your pipe if you’re painting over hard, glossy existing paint, or scrape off any peeling paint on your gutter using a filing knife or stiff bristle brush.

Step 3

Mask any parts that you do not wish to paint with masking tape and apply newspaper or a dust sheet to the surrounding areas to protect from spills.

Step 4

With no primer needed, all you have to do is paint! Apply the first coat of paint to the gutter with a thin but even layer using a synthetic bristle brush.


After the first coat has dried you can apply a second, slightly thicker coat to create a solid block of colour.

Fascias and Cladding

Rust-Oleum uPVC paint can also be used to update fascia cladding for a modern outdoor refresh. With no primer required, simply apply with a synthetic brush or for a stunningly smooth finish, why not try an electric sprayer?


Spray painting uPVC is an efficient and effective way of ensuring perfect coverage without unseemly brush marks- great for hard-to-reach areas such as facias. If spraying, paint should be diluted with water by 10-20% as required, with two coats for flawless results.

Update your uPVC drainpipes and cladding with ease using Rust-Oleum uPVC Paint, for a protective and contemporary makeover.


With a specialist weather and mould-resistant formula, the uPVC paint is designed to resist cracking, peeling and blistering for up to 10 years- making it ideal for maintaining a just painted look.


Self-priming and touch dry in just 1 hour, transform a variety of uPVC exteriors including:  windows, doors, composite doors, gutters, drainpipes and facias to instantly enhance your home.

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