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How to spray your fence

Whether you want to transform your fence with a refreshing new colour, or you’re just looking for a simple revamp in the same shade, our Garden Paint is available in 100+ colours and can last up to 6 years before first maintenance, making it the ideal paint for an exterior fence.  

Opting for a paint sprayer, as opposed to a roller, is generally a faster, more efficient way of painting, while providing a flawless, more consistent paint finish. Read on to learn how to spray your fence in just 3 simple steps! 

You will need:

- Rust-Oleum Garden Paint  
- Rust-Oleum Sugar Soap 
- Cloth 
- Paint sprayer 
- Paint stirrer 
- Masking tape 
- Wire metal brush 

Step 1

Scraping debris from a fence with a wire brush and cleaning with Rust-Oleum Sugar Soap

How do you prep a fence before painting? First, use a wire metal brush to scrape off any rough, peeling or flaking areas and clean off any loose paint, dirt and debris. Wash your fence thoroughly with Rust-Oleum Sugar Soap, wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry.  


Top Tip: You may wish to cover nearby plants, shrubs and bushes to protect them from overspray.  

Step 2

Diluting Garden Paint and pouring it into an electric sprayer

Next, stir your Garden Paint thoroughly and dilute your paint. When spraying, paint should be diluted with water 10-20% as required. Fill and assemble your sprayer and you’re ready to go.  

Step 3

Using a paint sprayer to decorate a garden fence in All Green

Select the setting on your sprayer appropriate for the job (e.g. vertical, horizontal, etc.) and spray along each board lengthwise, making sure to follow the grain of the wood. Maintain a spray distance of 20-30 cm. Lower pressure settings will generally give you better control and provide a finer paint finish.  

And that's it!

Stand back to admire your hard work. This fence has been painted in All Green for a light, refreshing makeover. 
Ready to take on the whole great outdoors? Our Garden Paint can be used on wood, stone, brick, plaster and other exterior surfaces, so you can revamp patio furniture, sheds, wooden playhouses and more with a soothing neutral or playfully vibrant hue.  

Check out our article on the most popular garden fence paint colours to transform your exterior spaces with a blossoming new shade. 

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