How to use our handy 10ml tester sachets

Want to try out the colour and durability of our entire range? Try the all-new Rust-Oleum tester sachets.


With the perfect amount of paint for a 30 x 30cm sample, our 10ml sachets contain the real finish, so you can test exactly how the shade will look in your home. They’re more cost effective and kinder to the environment than standard testers too!


Read on for a handy step-by-step guide to get you started.

Step 1

First, remove the 10ml tester sachet from the sleeve and open with scissors.

Squeeze out the paint and apply with a brush to your chosen surface or a piece of card.

Step 2

Paint a 30 x 30cm area in order to establish a good sense of the colour, finish and durability.

Step 3

Once you’ve tested the paint, slide the sachet back into the sleeve and keep for reference.

If you’re testing similar shades, don’t forget to make a note of the colour name next to your 30 x 30cm square.

And that’s it! Find the perfect colour palette to complement your interior and exterior décor with our convenient 10ml sachets.

Test our extensive range of products and discover how the colour and finish looks in your home.


Whether you’re looking for interior, exterior or furniture paint, try our testers and take one step closer to the perfect makeover.

How to buy our tester sachets 

Follow the steps below and try our testers for just 99p before you buy the full size can.

Step 1

Simply select a category from the top of the Rust-Oleum homepage and click either Shop All Paint, Shop by Room, Shop by Project or Shop by Colour. Looking for something specific? Type your desired product into the search bar top left.  

Step 2

Browse through our extensive product range and find the perfect paint to suit your project. Click on the product with your ideal finish and colour. 

Step 3

Once you’ve selected your paint, look to the right of the page and find the product description; scroll down to SIZE and click Choose Options

Step 4

From the drop-down menu select 10ml and click ADD TO CART.

And that’s it!

Select the cart icon at the top right of the screen and your tester sachet will already be waiting for you in your basket. Click CHECK OUT NOW if you have all you need or VIEW CART if you want to add more products.

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