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We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new colour lineup for January 2024: The Down to Earth Collection.


This rich palette of earth tones emulates the harmony of nature and is perfect for creating a restful and revitalising space. Read on and be the first to take a look at our 5 exclusive new colours so you can transform your home with the calm and tranquillity of the great outdoors. 

Our 5 new shades


A restorative dark brown, inspired by freshly ploughed fields allowed to lie fallow.


This rich, natural green takes its name from the majestic pine trees found in Jasper National Park, Canada.

Pickled Olive

Just as olives enrich a variety of dishes, this green will add a touch of sophistication and flavour to your home.


A soft, calming beige inspired by the sunlit shores of Sandhaven Beach, South Shields.


This warming terracotta emulates the sepia toned streets of Siena, Italy.

Why these colours?

Satisfy your wanderlust with these enriching shades, inspired by the earth tones of natural landscapes. From lush olive groves and Mediterranean patios to verdant forests and golden coastlines, explore this palette of warmer shades to instil your home with a sense of atmosphere.

Perfect pairs

Taking inspiration from brown soil, green leaves, red clay and tan sand, these colours pair perfectly together as they are all rooted in nature. Due to popular demand, we expanded our palette to include even more greens for that refreshing sense of biophilic design, while offering cocooning darks, relaxed neutrals and warming terracotta as the ideal accompaniment.

Pickled Olive and Sandhaven

Olive green and beige make for a great colour combination as green and yellow sit side by side on the colour wheel. The yellow undertones of Pickled Olive and Sandhaven complement each other beautifully and the understated, sandy neutral allows the richness of the green to shine.

Fallow and Jasper

A rich mossy green like Jasper and a deep, earthy brown like Fallow make ideal colour companions, as they occur naturally in dense forests and grassy woodlands. Pair these colours alongside leafy plants and wooden textures in order to connect to the serenity of the natural world.

Siena and Sandhaven

Terracotta and beige are a match made in heaven. The fiery, earth toned red Siena is soothed by the warm neutral Sandhaven for a striking effect that doesn’t overwhelm a space. Pair with brass furnishings and geometric tiles for a contemporary twist on a classic Moroccan look.


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