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Small Bathroom Colours

Rust-Oleum’s Bathroom Wall & Ceiling Paint is available in a range of 110 stunning colours to make the most of even the smallest bathroom spaces including a downstairs toilet or en-suite. Go for a clean and classic white or jump in at the deep end with a bolder hue, to create the illusion of a larger interior - without the unnecessary work or expense of an extension. 

On reflection 

It’s useful to consider the amount of natural light in your bathroom, to help decide on an appropriate colour scheme that will complement the space. Bathrooms with large, unobstructed windows will allow for more natural light, whereas smaller windows covered by greenery or frosted glass can cut out some of the sunshine. However, owners of a darker, windowless bathroom need not worry, as a soft, unobtrusive blue like Marcella, or a peaceful Winter Grey, will reflect even a small amount of light and add a subtle touch of colour for a distinctive yet serene feel. 

Pearly whites

The most popular choice for its stylish simplicity, white offers a crisp, clean colour that’s both contemporary and timeless. Shades of white fall into three categories: pure, warm and cool. Pure whites, such as Chalk White, complement bathrooms with modern fixtures, offering the perfect backdrop for colourful accessories or décor. Cooler whites, like Icecap and Steamed Milk, pair well with blues whereas warm whites, like Clotted Cream and Antique White, enhance vibrant reds and yellows. As a bonus, white reflects more light than any other colour, expanding a smaller room for a look that’s airy, open and refreshing. 

Go bold 

Often referred to as a room’s ‘fifth wall,’ painting your bathroom ceiling can expand a smaller room or add visual interest to a monochrome colour scheme. By going for the all-white look, you can make a space appear larger by painting walls and ceilings the same colour - especially if your bathroom has a sloped wall, as it prevents disjointedness and maintains a room’s flow.  Alternatively, paint only the upper wall and ceiling a lush dark green or Ink Blue for a stark, authoritative contrast against white panels or tiles that commands interest and distracts from a smaller sized room. 

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