What's hot in the kitchen

What's hot in the kitchen? Discover the perfect shade of Rust-Oleum Kitchen Cupboard Paint and give your kitchen a fresh, contemporary makeover.

As we become bolder in our design decisions, colourful cabinetry paired with smooth matt finishes is a rising trend. Create uplifting designs by combining single tones or contrasting colour pairs across your kitchen cupboards. 

Use shades of beige, grey, cream and terracotta to give your kitchen a calm, sanctuary feel- perfect for personalising with cooking utensils and cafe decor.  

Sleek kitchens have a rich, contemporary look, which is in keeping with the rise of designing with dark colours across the home. Pair blackened and deep blue, brown or grey colourways with materials such as warm oak, bruched metals, and opaque glass to add highlights. 

Perfectly prep a surface before painting 

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