Morning invigoration or spa-like sanctuary? Your bathroom is both an energising start to the day, and a place of solitude at the end. Whether you’re searching for a splash of colour or clean, calm neutrals for your walls or ceilings, take a look at the latest trending shades and find the Rust-Oleum Bathroom Wall & Ceiling Paint that’s right for you.

Feeling grounded

Terracotta and earth tones are becoming a popular trend, filling our bathrooms with light and warmth. Appeal to your sense of wanderlust with colours inspired by Moroccan architecture or a stylish Spanish villa with paler shades of clay and stone, to burnt orange, salmon and deep brick.


Contemporary luxe
Blue bathroom paint has always been a timeless choice, but recently moody blues have replaced previous trends of brighter azures and aquas. This adds a sense of luxury and sophistication to your bathroom and enhances that home-spa feel.

Consider contrasting a bright white washbasin or bath with deep sapphire or cerulean walls, or pair with Matt Furniture Paint to blend rigid bath panels and trim for a contemporary twist that seamlessly unifies a room.


Down to earth

Bringing the outside, in. Adding a touch of nature to the bathroom is a growing trend, eliciting a sense of calm and rejuvenation with rich emeralds, dark greens, fresh mint or earthy sage. Try shades such as All Green or Serenity to create your own tranquil oasis.


Rust-Oleum Bathroom Wall & Ceiling Paint is available in 110 stunning shades. Ready to paint? Shop the full size 2.5L can exclusively at Amazon.