How to paint abstract Christmas baubles

Festive fun is just around the corner with Rust-Oleum Christmas Craft Paint!


Give your Christmas baubles that extra touch of sparkle this snowy season with our holly jolly how to. Simply follow our three simple steps on painting beautiful, bespoke baubles and fill your home with colour and warmth in time for the big day! 

You will need

•    Rust-Oleum Christmas Craft Paint 
•    Paintbrushes 
•    Paint stirrer

Step 1

Make sure the surface of your bauble is clean and free from any dust or dirt that will interfere with the adhesion of the paint. Our Christmas Craft Paint can be applied to ceramic, glass or suitably primed metal or plastic. Stir the paint thoroughly before use.

Step 2

A white ceramic bauble painted in pink  Raspberry Ripple and blue Cobalt

Next, choose two base colours for your bauble. We went for Raspberry Ripple pink and Cobalt blue for a striking contrast. Use an artist’s brush to paint various abstract shapes, such as ovals or thick stripes, in alternate colours. To create a unique, trailing effect, load your brush and carefully drag it across your bauble, gradually lowering the handle until the brush stops releasing paint. Allow to dry—the Christmas Craft Paint is touch dry in 1 hour and recoatable in 4 hours. 

Step 3

A white ceramic bauble painted with pink Raspberry Ripple, blue Cobalt and with extra detail added in Copper and orange Tiger Tea

Once dry, build up your pattern with smaller, overlapping shapes for added texture. We used vibrant orange Tiger Tea to paint small orange spots and fill in any noticeable white gaps. With a small, thin brush, we also added metallic Copper dots for the finishing touch. 

Step 4

Thread your baubles with ribbon in a complementary colour so you can hang your masterpiece from the tree with pride. 

And that's it!

Rust-Oleum Christmas Craft Paint is the perfect way to add a heartwarming, personalised touch to your decorations and gifts this festive season.


Ideal for wood, cardboard, ceramic, glass and suitably primed metal or plastic, get into the Christmas spirit with colourful baubles, frosted wreaths or wooden gingerbread houses. Choose from 100+ jolly colours and enchanting metallic finishes and transform your home into a cosy Christmas wonderland. 


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