How to paint minimalist Christmas baubles

‘Tis the season for bespoke décor with Rust-Oleum Christmas Craft Paint!


Follow our simple step by guide step guide and add some minimalist chic to your baubles this festive season. Perfect for a contemporary Christmas look, select a wintry palette of cool neutrals and personalise for that extra touch of magic. 

A selection of minimalist baubles half painted in Tanglewood, Cafe Luxe, Longsands, River's Edge, and Serenity with lettering in Gold

You will need

·         Rust-Oleum Christmas Craft Paint

·         Paintbrushes

·         Paint stirrer

Step 1

A plain ceramic bauble and stirring a tin of paint

Make sure the surface of your bauble is clean and free from any dust or dirt that will interfere with the adhesion of the paint. Our Christmas Craft Paint can be applied to ceramic, glass or suitably primed metal or plastic. Stir the paint thoroughly before use.

Step 2

Painting a bauble in an artist's brush with grey Tanglewood

Next, choose a base colour for your bauble. We went for understated neutral Tanglewood for stylish simplicity.


Use an artist’s brush to carefully paint half of your bauble, ensuring a crisp, neat line around the middle. Paint brushstrokes in the same direction for a nice clean finish. Allow to dry—the Christmas Craft Paint is touch dry in 1 hour and recoatable in 4 hours.

Step 3

Writing on a bauble in pencil

Once dry, use a pencil to sketch the lettering onto the middle of the bauble. Take time to evenly space each letter.

Step 4

Painting over the pencil with Gold to create the lettering

Using a small, thin brush, paint over the pencil in a darker colour or a metallic—we went for shimmering Gold. Thread your baubles with rustic twine and hang your masterpiece from the tree with pride.

And that's it!

A selection  of neutral baubles painted in  Tanglewood, Cafe Luxe, Longsands, River's Edge, serenity with Gold lettering

Rust-Oleum Christmas Craft Paint is the perfect way to add a heartwarming, personalised touch to your decorations and gifts this festive season. Ideal for wood, cardboard, ceramic, glass and suitably primed metal or plastic, get into the Christmas spirit with colourful baubles, frosted wreaths or wooden gingerbread houses. Choose from 100+ jolly colours and enchanting metallic finishes and transform your home into a cosy Christmas wonderland.


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