How to paint your bathroom tiles

Give your bathroom, en-suite or WC tiles a makeover with Rust-Oleum Bathroom Tile Paint- available in modern matt, stunning satin and gorgeous gloss finishes.


Suitable for glass, ceramic and stone, add a fresh splash of colour or rejuvenate old, outdated or worn tiles. Replacements can be costly so this specialist, ultra-durable, water-resistant tile paint is ideal for transforming tiles if you’re on a budget.


Unsure where to start? Follow three easy steps to learn how to paint your bathroom tiles in no time!

You will need

·Rust-Oleum Bathroom Tile Paint Base (Part 1)

·Rust-Oleum Activator (Part 2)


·Roller tray

·Foam or short-pile roller

·Paint brush

·Masking tape

·Dust sheets

·Disposable gloves

·Protective glasses

Step 1

Safety first! Make sure to protect both yourself and the areas you do not wish to paint. Mask nearby surfaces with tape or dust sheets to protect from drips and splashes.


Wear protective glasses and disposable gloves before you start painting.

Step 2

For a perfect, flawless finish ensure that your tiled surface is free from contamination before painting. Use Rust-Oleum sugar soap or degreaser to clean the area before rinsing the surface with water.


Make sure tiles are completely dry and prepare any damaged grouting. As an added bonus, with Rust-Oleum Bathroom Tile Paint there’s no need to prime.

Step 3

Add the activator to the base and stir thoroughly, ensuring the mixture is uniform. Next, simply apply by brush or roller, using a brush for more difficult areas like grouting or in-between tiles for a nice, even application.

Opt for a roller to apply the remaining paint and apply two coats for the ultimate, flawless finish.


Once the Bathroom Tile Paint has dried, you may also want to apply silicon sealer over the paint where necessary (e.g. between wall tiles and sink top) if painting around sinks or wet areas.

There you have it!

Rust-Oleum Bathroom Tile Paint is ideal for giving your bathroom a stunning, cost-effective facelift. Available in matt, satin and gloss finishes.


Introduce calming neutrals, vibrant brights and contemporary darks into your bathroom by repainting tiles for an attractive new accent.


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