Ideas for painted floors

Feeling floor bored? With 123 stunning colours to choose from, Rust-Oleum Chalky Floor Paint is the perfect way to give tired flooring the red-carpet treatment. Since your floor is one of the first things guests notice when entering a room, selecting the right shade and style can instantly make small areas feel larger, add the finishing touch to a coordinated colour scheme or determine the overall aesthetic of a space.


Read on to discover the latest patterns and trends when painting your wooden or concrete flooring.

Majestic marble

Transform floors with all the luxury of a striking marble entrance without the grand price-tag. Create the illusion of sophisticated marble floors by painting a checkerboard tile pattern onto wood or concrete. For added detail, paint in the veins of the marble with a small brush, and finish with gold leaf edging, to instil a sense of luxury to your hallway, bathroom or lounge. We went for true black Natural Charcoal and paired with cool grey Tanglewood for that classic checkered look.

Flower power

The jazzy, retro wave painted on the floor of this room completes this quirky design, complementing the colour palette and funky floral furnishings with a unique twist. Creating a two-tone with a sweet shade of Coral and a deeper, more vibrant Dusky Pink, imbues the room with warmth and introduces another layer for a three-dimensional look. As a bonus, the floor pattern also mirrors the flower shaped shelving and the painted ‘headboard’ behind the bed, creating a sense of symmetry.  

Go geometric

Painting a geometric pattern on your floorboards is a great way to create visual interest. Incorporate a 3D effect by pairing light and dark shapes within a contemporary, geometric pattern to instantly add vibrancy and movement to your interiors. Alternatively, select complementary neutrals to soften the sharp, sleek geometry for a more balanced look.

In order to create your own geometric floor design, first simply ensure your flooring is completely clean and free from dirt and debris. Next, after deciding on the style of your pattern, use masking tape to outline different alternate shapes across the floor. After you have mapped out how you want your floor to look, paint in between each of your divided sections with your chosen colours. We went for a bright Chalk White and paired with subtle taupe Silver Sage, introducing complementary shades of grey-green Café Luxe and Sage Mist for a soft contrast. Allow to dry before peeling off the masking tape to reveal your finished geometric pattern with a nice crisp edge.

Whether you’re look for geometric balance, faux marble elegance or a vibrant, funky makeover, Rust-Oleum Chalky Floor Paint is a straightforward, effective way to put your own stamp on concrete and wooden floors. Totally transform a room with floorboards in a striking, contrasting colour, or create a sophisticated and seamless look with flooring that flows from room to room.

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