Radiator Colour Trends

With over 100 stunning colours to choose from, find the perfect shade of Rust-Oleum Radiator Paint to effortlessly accent your living room, kitchen, bathroom or home office.

Durable against everyday scuffs and scratches, the paint’s specialist formula is heat resistant up to 60c and non-yellowing, to keep your radiators attractive and practical.  

Whether you’re turning your radiator into an eye-catching feature, blending it seamlessly with your wall colour, or simply providing a much-needed refresh, read on to discover the colour best suited to your interior style.

Bold statements  

The latest radiator colour trends range from making a statement to seamless camouflage. Painting your radiator a bold, vibrant colour that contrasts a light or neutral backdrop is great for transforming an otherwise faceless feature into a striking accent. Moreover, choosing two colours that complement each other like blue and orange, purple and yellow or red and green creates a bold and dynamic contrast that’s pleasing to the eye.


For a layering effect, match your radiator with décor of the same colour in varying shades to add texture and depth to a room.


Blend seamlessly 

Another popular choice is painting your radiators to match the walls -and with our Wall and Ceiling Paint this has never been easier! Available in the same 100+ stylish shades as our Radiator Paint, preserve a room’s harmony and flow by painting the radiator and wall the same colour. 


This technique works exceptionally well with darker colours like Blueprint or Black Sand, as the harsh outline of a fixture becomes harder to spot. Pairning with a similar toned wallpaper, curtains and accessories can also create this seamless effect. 

Repainting radiators  

Sometimes a radiator touch up is all that’s required, and with Rust-Oleum Radiator Paint you can apply directly over previously primed and painted surfaces.


Go for a classic like Chalk White to instantly refresh radiators that are yellowed or worn, or for efficiency choose a dark grey like Graphite to absorb the most heat.

Chalk White, Graphite

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