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What is Limewash Effect Wall Paint?

Limewash effect paint provides a gentle, lived-in look by transforming walls with a variegated matt texture. Taking inspiration from Mediterranean spaces, experimenting with different brushstrokes can add depth and interest to an otherwise one-dimensional room.

What makes our Limewash Effect Wall Paint great?

Our limewash effect paint gives the appearance of limewash, without the upheaval. Unlike limewash, which can cause unsightly water streaks if too watered down, our Limewash Effect Wall Paint is easy to apply and provides excellent coverage. While limewash is often limited to off-white and neutral colours, we have a wide range of 50 shades to choose from including, terracotta, dark blue and rich green.

Additional benefits of Limewash Effect Wall Paint

Rust-Oleum Limewash Effect Wall Paint has virtually no odour for more comfortable paint application and the specialist, water-based formula is non-hazardous with a neutral pH.

Is limewash paint easy to apply?

Another advantage of interior limewash paint is that it’s simple to use and is generally quite forgiving, meaning there’s room to make mistakes! You can try out a variety of painting techniques with a sponge or brush to reveal different colour tones.

Finding the right paint texture

Apply the first coat of paint with a roller, as you would a standard wall paint, and allow 4 hours to dry. Next, create a brushed matte effect by applying the second coat using criss-crossing brush strokes to create your chosen texture.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to apply a limewash effect on your walls here

Which colour limewash paint should I choose?

A warm beige is a great limewash colour for bedrooms, creating a restful, slow-paced and minimalist feel, while a dark blue limewash makes for a soothing, cocooning atmosphere. A light coloured limewash in smaller rooms will expand the space for a clean yet earthy texture. Warm terracotta is a popular choice for dining rooms, adding a sizzle of Mediterranean style.

Get your creative juices flowing and take a look at some of our limewash ideas for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, home offices and more!

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